BlackCat claims the early February attack on Swissport, a Swiss company operating in the air transport sector.

On February 3, Swissport, one of the world’s largest airport service providers, informed its customers that the infrastructure of its cargo division had suffered a ransomware attack now claimed by the criminal gang BlackCat.

In the meantime, there were also disruptions to access to the web pages of its institutional website, before the situation was restored. Nevertheless, according to Swissport, the attack caused some systems to become temporarily unavailable, including planning, scheduling and deployment systems. Systems in Swissport’s protected IT environment were also restricted, it said, and the Swissport website was briefly unavailable.

The ransomware gang also known as BlackCat claimed this incident at Swissport on February 15.

On the data leak site of the criminal gang have been published the evidence of the material stolen during the attack and everything suggests that the Swiss victim is a part of the chain of attacks aimed at the sector, just during this month.

Swissport / ransomware Attack

That the impact was significant was already clear from early communications from the company, which, let’s remember, is responsible for most airport operations, and more than 20 flights were delayed at Zurich Airport because of the attack. The airline provides cargo handling, security, maintenance, cleaning and hospitality for 310 airports in 50 countries, handles 282 million passengers and 4.8 million tons of cargo each year.