Google has unveiled the latest version of its Titan Security Key, designed to align with the emerging passwordless passkey technology supported by major players like Apple, Microsoft, and Google. Available for purchase on the Google Store, the new Titan keys come in two variants: a USB-C model priced at $35 and a USB-A model at $30. Both models, continuing the trend from their 2021 predecessors, feature NFC capabilities for wireless connectivity with phones and other mobile devices.

In practical use, the USB-C Titan key performs comparably to other existing security keys, including older Titan models and Yubico’s FIDO2 keys. The inclusion of NFC in both USB-C and USB-A versions adds convenience and versatility, particularly important when setting up multiple keys for backup purposes.

The transition to a passwordless framework is increasingly facilitated by these FIDO2 compatible keys. They offer dual functionality: serving as two-factor authentication for current services and storing over 250 unique passkeys. This storage capacity enhances security far beyond traditional methods like code generators, push notifications, and codes sent via email or text.

Security keys, like Google’s Titan, leverage cryptographic techniques to verify authenticity at both ends, ensuring the key’s legitimacy and protecting against counterfeit websites. Users can register these keys with various online accounts, such as a Google account, to authenticate by connecting the key and entering a pre-set PIN, eliminating the need for passwords. This approach to security marks a significant step towards a more secure, passwordless digital environment.