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In a significant advancement in the battle against cyber threats, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) announced the release of Malware Next-Gen, a cutting-edge malware analysis system. This new tool is designed to enhance the nation’s cybersecurity by providing advanced, scalable, and efficient analysis of malware and other suspicious artifacts.

The Login and the access to the CISA portal you find here: https://www.cisa.gov/resources-tools/services/malware-next-generation-analysis

Streamlined Analysis for Enhanced Cyber Defense

Malware Next-Gen revolutionizes the traditional approaches to malware analysis by automating the processes and integrating them into a single scalable platform. This allows for both faster identification of threats and more effective cooperation between CISA and its partners. The system supports the analysis of potentially malicious files and URLs, providing critical intelligence that empowers network defenders to conduct timely cyber incident responses and threat hunts.

Comments from CISA Leadership

Eric Goldstein, CISA’s Executive Assistant Director for Cybersecurity, emphasized the importance of the new system: “Malware Next-Gen represents a significant leap forward in our national cybersecurity efforts. This automated system not only enhances our ability to analyze and correlate data but also enables us to share insights rapidly with our partners, thereby improving our collective response to cyber threats.”

Impact and Proven Results

Since its initial rollout to .gov and .mil domains in November, nearly 400 users have utilized Malware Next-Gen, submitting over 1,600 files. This has led to the identification of approximately 200 suspicious or malicious files and URLs, which were promptly analyzed and shared with relevant stakeholders to mitigate potential threats.

Public Participation and How to Get Involved

CISA encourages all organizations, security researchers, and individuals concerned about cybersecurity to register and submit suspicious files for analysis. Malware Next-Gen is designed to be accessible to a broad audience, ensuring that the tools to fight malware are as widespread as possible.

For more information or to register for submitting malware samples, please visit the Malware Next-Generation Analysis website.

About CISA

As the nation’s principal cyber defense agency, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency leads efforts to protect and bolster the cybersecurity of critical infrastructures that Americans rely on daily. Through initiatives like Malware Next-Gen, CISA continues to strengthen its role as the national coordinator for critical infrastructure security across the United States.